February 13, 2013

Welcome - 22 weeks

Today I am 22 weeks, can you believe it? According to my pregnancy app the baby should be the size of a spaghetti squash. We are more than half-way through this journey and loving every minute of it. I am one of those people who loves being pregnant, is it too soon to say that? I am feeling great and have been the whole 22 weeks with the exception of a few where I had a terrible cold. Yes I am having growing pains but walking everyday makes those so much easier to bare. The most annoying thing is the adult acne, I feel like I am in college again. The last few days I have developed a sore belly button, as it is getting ready to pop out, which is pretty shocking. Robert usually loves to poke fun at my abnormally deep belly button, so for us to see the bottom of it has been a trip.

Baby Gerrans is moving around like crazy in the belly. We can't feel him on the outside but I feel him all the time. He especially goes crazy on our walks with the dogs, when I have any heated conversations, and when we go to the mall - which makes Robert think he's a girl :) He stays pretty still while I am sleeping and that is wonderful!

Everyone always wants to know what I am craving and the truth is not anything interesting. No dryer lint, chalk, or dirt, sorry; I did almost eat a napkin out of desperation but that certainly was not a craving! I have been desiring strawberries which is torture as we have strawberries all over the farmer's market but they aren't organic. They are one of the "dirty dozen" which means this pregnant lady has to stand clear for now. I had one "i have to have this right now" craving for steak. Such an odd feeling, especially since the smell of it cooking grossed me out. Once I put it in my mouth I was so happy, who knew food could take you to whole new level of satisfaction? I am filling up on cottage cheese, cornichons, and avocados everyday (not all together)  but those aren't cravings either just what I love eating.

My belly is big. Thank you to those of you who tell me I only look pregnant from the side view, you are too kind. We broke out the measuring tape last night and found my belly to be a whopping 35 inches, meaning I have grown ten inches in 5 months, wow. Grandma you will appreciate this, so far I have not purchased any maternity clothes I am simply wearing many of my clothes that I saved from the good-ole freshman-15 days (more like 25 lbs for me). I knew I should keep those for something and they have come in very handy. I haven't hit that weight yet, but I probably will. The other night Robert said to me "it must be crazy to have your body go through all those changes", yes honey it is very crazy, but an exciting crazy.

Lastly I refer to the baby as "he". We are still waiting to find out the sex until Baby Gerrans is born. I have an overwhelming feeling that we are having a boy, Robert is becoming less sure than I, so that is why I write/say "he". We do not know, I swear, nor do we want to. Sorry if that is confusing.

Below are some recent and not so recent photos that we would like to share.


Robert loves to capture me at my finest moments. Here I am at a doctor's appointment (18 weeks) and terribly sick with a horrendous  cold. I wore a mask to protect the other pregnant patients. I can't remember ever being this sick. This has to be one of the least flattering photos I have ever taken, Robert thinks the mask suits me.

Here I am taking a break from wrapping presents to snap a photo infront of our tree. (12 weeks)

A picture from our last ultra sound appt., amazing! Sorry that it is turned the wrong way, my computer is smarter than I am.

The nursery so far. Robert put up the new light fixture, more to come in the next few months.

Mandi and I on Christmas Eve, I am 15 weeks she is 19 weeks.

I have been a sewing mom-to-be, here is my first baby item, aren't they precious? I have also gotten the crochet hooks out for a hat which will probably be too small :) On to booties and a crib skirt next.

Last weekend in Monterey for a 5k walk on lover's point. The belly is trying to hide behind my numbers and scarf ;)


  1. Love it Lily! Can't wait to read about your pregnancy progress!