November 14, 2013


Its official, we have the best baby in the world and the lady sitting behind us on the airplane confirmed it! We took a last minute vacation to Maui last week and Marilyn was wonderful. On the flights there and back she didn't cry once!! Even when on the flight home all the babies around us began crying together she just looked around like "what is going on?" She's going to be a world traveler :)

Maui was great. I finally got my "baby-moon". Since pictures can say a thousand words lets let them do their thing....

Up early at the airport for the "first flight"

Slept through the first dinner.

Sunset stroll on the beach. Don't you love his man bag?

First sunset.

Waterfall hike.

Adorable! At the resting point on our hike, Daddy wore her in the ergo, she slept through most of it and then was all smiles.

Hiking in the bamboo forest, Marilyn strapped in tight.

Slept through the best lunch at Mala.

Asleep on the beach....wonder where she gets that from?

Okay maybe both of us.

Marilyn in the ocean in Lahaina. She really liked it.

Robert jumping off of lava rocks. When he swam back to us he was joined by two huge sea turtles!!!

The view from our hotel room.
I got to sneak away to this while she was napping ;)

Swimming with Daddy, they got lots of bonding time.

Sleeping together....weird they never do that :)
Three generations.
He developed the "Daddy dance" and it worked wonderfully. Isn't he handsome?

On our way to the Luau....I am in Maui and I still can't get a tan.
We are home now and have gone from naked baby to bundled in fleece. I just love this happy girl!!


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