April 8, 2013

Week 29 - Magical Moments

Week 29 started out as grumpy one. Why was I grumpy you ask, who knows! I thought maybe it was the messy house, but it is still a bit messy and unorganized yet my mood has improved so lets just blame this one on hormones :) This week I had a doctor's appointment and everything is looking good. I got to hear the Baby's heart beat which is starting to slow down, totally normal, and was clocking in at 130 beats per minute, also normal. I had to get my first injection, which is way worse than giving blood, and I cried like an infant as I buried my face into Robert's stomach. I started to cry before the nurse even brought out the needle. My doctor had the talk with me about not projecting my fear of needles to Baby, which I totally agree, so Dad looks like you have a lot of doctor duty in the next 18 years :)

We had a truly magical moment this week. As many of you know Robert has changed to a dog-watch schedule, meaning that he is working the night shift. It is hard to switch from a schedule like that to normal people hours on days off, so he often comes to bed in the wee hours. On one of these particular nights he crawled into bed with me and put his large hand on the right side of my belly. As it rested there Baby Gerrans became very curious about it. First he started by punching it and then tracing it, tracing it with one appendage  first (I assume hands) and then with two appendages. The movements where all along the outer rim of Robert's hand. It woke me up as I had never felt this kind of movement before and of course Robert noticed it. We both laid there not moving marveling in the movements of our little one. This was by far the best moment, not only can he hear Dad's voice but they had there first physical encounter, pretty amazing. Baby Gerrans had been a little shy to Dad's touch before this moment so I am so glad that all three of us got to share it.

I bought my first maternity ware this week. Since my belly is getting so heavy my thighs have turned into tree trunks and the inner parts rub together uncomfortably. I bought some leggings to wear under dresses and skirts, which helps keep the waddling down a little :). The size small is a bit big but I am sure that I will grow into them soon. At Mandi's adorable Baby Shower this weekend we played the string game and I used my belly as a marker since she and I look to be about the same size. Her belly is a couple inches larger than mine, as it should she is a month ahead of me, but I am measuring in at 39" this week. In the pics below you can see her and I belly to belly. Can't wait for my shower in 2 weeks, the Grandma's and Aunt Shelly have been busy planning and I know it will just be wonderful!

Lastly I have to thank my lucky stars and make them known to all that I am truly appreciating every moment of this pregnancy. I ran into a friend of a friend at the Farmer's Market who was due with a girl in the first week of June, but lost the baby in March. We also prayed for a family who lost their baby at 22 weeks in church on Easter. These events have got me thinking about how truly blessed I am. We are not out of the clear yet and frankly we never really will be. For the rest of my life worry will be apart of my world. I assume part of becoming a parent will be to face this emotion day in and day out as you never stop worrying about your children, right? I feel so blessed to have made it this far and hold each and every moment so close to my heart. We never know why it happens but it does. I hope that both of those families find joy around the corner.

We are off to a hospital tour this week, which should be very interesting.


Shelly and I with all of her beautiful children on Easter. Check out my Easter egg ;)

Robert and I infront of the fireplace on Easter. Can you spy my protruding belly button?

Here we are belly to belly on Mandi's beautiful deck. Cousins in the womb.

A pillow I made out of my Grandma Marilyn's walking jacket for the twin bed in the nursery. My grandmother wore this jacket all the time, I have many memories of her in it, and now it lives on as a pillow for Baby Gerrans.

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