September 16, 2013

Little Moments

Tomorrow Marilyn will be twelve weeks and as I got her out of the car after running some work related errands today I realized how much I love the stage we are at. She is smiling a lot, which is instant gratification, she is cooing, beginning to take on a nap schedule, she has found her thumb, she can hold her head up, and she is grasping things unintentionally. There is something about this baby stage that I just love. I can kiss and snuggle up to her, play with her, yet set her down and know that she won't be chasing Ralphie or pulling something down on herself. I can see that she is on the cusp of the next stage so I am desperately soaking up the moment.

Two weeks ago we visited my parents for Mom's big 5-0 birthday :) and Marilyn was an angel. She slept through the night every night we were there and took these long luxurious naps. She really was on vacation. We were able to get her in the pool, which she loved, twice. You should have seen her in in her lavender polka dot bikini from her Aunt Shelly, she was TOO cute. She even got in with her Uncle Cliff who made her laugh by blowing bubbles at her. She had a great time with her cousin Cameron and even met her new cousin Adelyn (two weeks old). She did some fine dining, farmers market shopping, and bargain hunting as well as lots of socializing, no wonder she slept so well!

It was during this trip that she proved to us that she could push herself up and move her head to look around. This seemed like a huge milestone at the time. The Doctor says that once they can do this be prepared for them to roll over and just yesterday she did. She had been exercising herself during tummy time in a way that looked like she was getting ready. She would normally rock herself almost there and occasionally I'd help her go the extra mile which would result in a few cries. This time however I was just watching her do her thing and then bam she was over, and no tears. I was so excited I sprung off the bed (where we were lying) and began clapping and saying "you did it, you did it, you rolled over". She looked at me like I was nuts, seriously. She has these great eyebrow movements that tell me what she is thinking all the time. Daddy was of course in the other room catching one of his favorite pass We put her on the bed to see if she would do it again. As soon as we laid her down she rolled over but we are not sure if that was all her or if we were weighing down the bed somehow, it happened so fast. Since then she has not done it, but now we know its possible, so just like sleeping through the night, we can expect it will happen again.

Marilyn's neck is so strong it seems that the only time it needs support is when she is really tired. It sort of flops all over the place, but then again when I get really tired mine does that too :) Now we spend lots of time walking around the house looking and talking about all the things she will someday get into. She has discovered the baby in the mirror and is very flirty with her. The first time she met this baby she realized that her mom was holding this baby and began to cry. Now they meet eyes and many smiles, drool, and the occasional raise of the eyebrows are exchanged. She is also fascinated with what that baby in the mirror is wearing especially the pjs with little flowers or her striped pants. It is so fun to watch. She sends her right arm towards this baby as if to grab her and seems satisfied when it just hits the mirror. When we were having play time with her cousin Cameron this similar action took place, except after a while he was able to grab her and held on to her arm. He is a month older so it is neat to see the differences between them, there is so much when they are so young.

If there is one thing that I could have done differently to prepare for her arrival it is in the nursery. I would have decorated it in Black and White. You are probably thinking "What?!" black and white for a nursery yuck. I am not thinking goth black and white, studs or skulls, think more french stripes. I believe it can be done. But why you ask? Because she absolutely loves things that are contrasting like that. For instance she loves the valance in her nursery, the navy grosgrain against the ivory linen fascinates her. Lately I have been using the pillow made from my grandmother's walking coat to support my back in the rocking chair and as she is supposed to be burping I catch her smiling and flirting with the birds on the pillow. In fact she loves these birds so much I have noticed this new mouthing action when she sees them. I think she is showing some serious excitement and it seems only for them. She smiles, coos or does a half laugh (ha-ea), and then with mouth wide open mouths my shoulder and repeats, all the while her right arm is hitting the birds. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite times. In my office I have a few items made out of a black and white fabric and she loves to stare at these too. Next to light fixtures which are her true love, and maybe the birds on the pillow, she loves anything with a big contrast.

We are having so much fun watching her grow minute by minute. It is truly amazing the changes that occur on a daily basis at this age. We have so many moments to look forward to, but I really want to soak up this time we have, because alas it will someday be gone. Every time I see big kids with their parents I clutch her a little tighter and snuggle my face in her neck rolls soaking up every last bit of her. I have got to before she is so big she can tell me to let go and stop sticking my face in her neck that will no longer smell of tired breast milk.

Asleep in her stroller at farmer's market

Check out those blue eyes,  she is sporting that sweater that took me forever to crochet. It is supposed to be a 6 month size but I am afraid she won't be in it too much longer. Have you ever seen a Christmas Story? Her arms slightly resembled the little brothers on his way to school in the snow in this sweater :)

Me juggling Cameron and Marilyn at Mom's birthday dinner.

Snug in her carseat.

Pushing herself up.

Daddy trying to give her a bottle. It was unsuccessful, but we are working on it.

Here she is at a Labor Day family picnic. She is so big she no longer needs the infant attachment in the stroller :(

Found her thumb.

Exhausted while shopping for a clients home.

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