March 2, 2013

Week 24 - Playing Games

Baby Gerrans moves around like crazy if I can keep still long enough for him to get bored. The first couple days of this week I felt him all the time and then there were a few I didn't feel him at all, worried I asked the Doc about it at my last appointment where she assured me that it is totally normal at this stage. Now I have determined that if I can sit still for longer than 20 min, he comes out to play. We play a game where he kicks and I push back three times while saying "hi baby" and then he kicks back, we repeat this several times as the dogs  look at me like I am crazy :). He likes to kick while I crochet and especially when I read my pregnancy books out loud. One evening Robert got in real close to the belly and started talking to Baby Gerrans and he began kicking like crazy, looks like he recognizes Dad's voice too. Next time you see the belly you should talk to it, as baby can hear you now, though you definitely don't sound the same through all the layers, he'll still get it.

My last appointment went great. I am right on track with weight gain, though it is suggested that I start a diet (yikes!!). I have to limit bread, pasta, and sweets which is so hard because not only does my Husband keep bringing home doughnuts and girl scout cookies for me, but all I want is sweets these days. :( For now I am trying to stick to fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth which seems to work most of the time. In addition to my diet news, I got to hear the heart beat for the first time. I think Mom describes it best as it sounds like it is coming from a submarine. An under water heart beat. It was racing at 160 beats per min which seems so high but is perfectly normal for this little one. Robert missed this appointment but hopefully we can hear it again next time.

One thing that I totally love about being pregnant is how nice everyone is. Seriously strangers are so kind, they tell you how pretty you are, how they wish you well, some even share the most beautiful stories with you. One woman brought me to tears (good tears) at the Farmer's Market this week with the story of the birth of her son; it is so amazing to share this joy with perfect strangers. Everyone tells me I am all belly and I feel it. I can no longer see my feet (see pic below) which is a trip and kind of a good thing since those puppies haven't had a real pedi since September. Luckily I haven't had any strange belly touchers, but from what I have heard I am sure to run into a few :)

Lastly Mom I need to appologize for giving you such a hard time for your frequent bathroom breaks. Now I understand what it is like to have a small bladder :)


Two hats that I have crocheted for baby Gerrans. One just incase we have a "Pringle Pin-head" and the other incase we get the "Anderson Dome". 
If we have a girly girl then I can fasten these cute flowers, that I whipped up from the scraps, to the hats.  Girls are so easy because we really can wear anything.

Here is my view looking down, see no feet!!

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