March 6, 2013

Week 25 - A Little Bit French

Now we are in week 25 and to the point where new parts are done developing and Baby Gerrans needs to just concentrate on growing. I have had a surge in hunger this week to the point where I am getting up in the middle of the night to eat. For example I woke up this morning at 4 am with a strong grumbling in my tummy. Normally I would drink some water and go back to sleep, which is what I tried, but then again at 5 am I felt it even stronger, there was no going back to bed I had to eat. I am also finding the sweet cravings to be almost unstoppable. I am normally a savory cheese person and can by for weeks without an oz of chocolate or bit of sugar, but that is not the case anymore. He must have inherited that strong Gerrans sweet tooth :) I find that if I do not satisfy this sweet tooth on a daily basis I am digging through every nook and cranny in our kitchen searching for sugar. This is so weird to me, aren't cravings supposed to reflect things that your body needs? Honestly who really NEEDS sugar?? Whatever it may be I can't escape it. Yesterday after standing in line at the Soc. Security office for two hours to officially change my name I could think of nothing but pancakes. Honestly they have been on my mind for a week or so but the woman behind me was wearing a perfume that must have had a maple undertone, because she smelt slightly like syrup which made my body ache for pancakes. All it took was one bite to know that even though the doctor would say this does not fit into my recommended "diet" there was nothing wrong with satisfying a craving. After I was done eating and I took a moment to relax Baby Gerrans gave me 10 kicks in 5 min, yes I timed it :) which I am going to translate into happiness.

 The other food that rocks my world, but never came to me as a craving, is pain au chocolat or chocolate croissant. In my recommended "diet" I am allowed one serving of bread or dessert and typically I eat the bread and have fruit for dessert. The other day I walked into my favorite spot Rustic Bakery for bread which I do every other day (mostly for Robert's lunches, some for me too) and there on the counter was a pain au chocolat and I swear it spoke to me. While standing in line I went back and forth about getting it, knowing that I really shouldn't, and secretly hoping that the people in front of me would order the rest of them so I wouldn't have to make that decision. They didn't of course and Baby Gerrans won out on this one, in more ways than one. There must have been some french dirt that jumped in during his conception because that croissant felt like it belonged in me and Baby Gerrans jumped for joy after I consumed it. The best part is that for the rest of the day I ate exactly how I was supposed to, no searching for sweets, no processed snacks, it truly satisfied all that I wanted (or needed) at that moment. I am salivating as I write about it.

Not only do we get confirmation that Baby Gerrans can hear us from the movement he gives when we talk to him but I got confirmation at the ballet this last weekend too. I attended my first modern ballet with baby's Grandma Carolyn and our friend Katie in SF. Modern ballet is by far not my favorite but it was entertaining none the less. During the first performance in the series of three there was dark music with lots of loud booms. After the first boom Baby Gerrans kicked back with strength and continued to kick after many of the following booms. I have read that fetus' will react to music, but have gotten nothing from our evenings of classical music, so when he reacted at the ballet I was delighted. I'll have to experiment with other types of music during our evenings.

At the ballet while using the restroom a woman at the sink next to me told me that I had the cutest belly bump and that I looked like I was hiding a basketball under my dress. Two days later I was doing some weeding and a neighbor told me I looked like I have a soccer ball in my belly. So if that doesn't nail it down I don't know what does, my belly is round, it sits low, but it is round. What would the old wives tale say, its a boy? Either way he/she will likely be playing with both of those balls in years to come.

Lastly I have to thank Baby Gerrans for being so kind to me. I hear stories upon stories of women who could not sleep through the night as soon as their babies started moving because they would keep them up all night. This is not what I am experiencing. As I lay in bed every night he kicks and I talk to to him, until we both fall asleep, and it is not until I should be getting up that he begins kicking again. With the exception of the occasional restroom break (or snack), we are both sleeping soundly through the night, and that is something I am so thankful for! Last night Robert talked to him about continuing this trend when he comes out, but I think Dad is being a little too optimistic. One can only hope I guess :)

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