March 22, 2013

Weeks 26 & 27

I have no excuse for not writing last week, but it seems whenever I had the time to sit down and write I found myself drawn to the garden instead. With all this beautiful spring weather we have been having I have become obsessed with the garden and luckily it is one form of exercise that my body really appreciates. Yes I am leaving the heavy lifting and tough digging to my wonderful husband, for now the weeds are keeping me entertained.

Still no complaints from this pregnant lady. I have had more nice comments on the belly, no weird belly touchers, and no odd cravings (the sweets are at bay for now). Robert and I had our first "class" geared towards newborn care. Usually this class is taken closer to your due date, but because of our schedules, we had to take it early. It was a long class, but interesting none the less. After the break I caught Robert laughing at me as I sat down, but he wouldn't explain the giggles until we were safely out of the building. What was my sweet husband giggling about at our first class? Apparently over the break he overheard two ladies talking about their upcoming due dates which were the following week. He was laughing because while they were both due any day, my belly was bigger than both of their's and I am not due until June! Such a sweet guy. What is ironic is this is the reaction I am getting from a lot of people, they assume that I am due really soon and then when they find out I am not due until June, I get a "whoa" reaction. I have nothing to compare it to  and I feel comfortable so I am not worried about it as I must be growing a very healthy baby if I am so big :)

This week I attended a talk and viewing of a documentary film by Ina May Gaskin. Ina is considered the number one mid-wife in the US, if not the world, and it was so inspiring to hear her stories and absorb her wisdom. Robert and I have chosen to have a hospital birth, but many of you know that I want to have a non-intrusive, natural one. Women have been giving birth for millions of years yet in this day and age I feel like such an outsider for not seeking out an easier pain-free route. It makes me sad that I often have to go to great lengths to defend my point of view to all ages. Our bodies were built to do this, women were designed to give birth. It seems that the trend of navigating our lives with what is more convenient than what is best for us has caused most women to seek out a quick fix for what is potentially the most amazing experience we will ever have. A lot of the time we focus on negative details, horror stories, and the pain that comes with birth, so it was so refreshing to see and hear so many positive experiences. The evening with Ina, and friend Sarah who invited me, solidified my confidence that I am ready for this. This may sound naive but I am not even a little afraid of giving birth, I know this is something that I will totally be able to handle.

Now to get off my soap box I have to tell you about the amazing friends that I have. I was solicited to have dinner with Tarah to celebrate my pregnancy since she cannot make it to my Baby Shower, but when we arrived at the restaurant we were taken into a private room where I was surprised to find my favorite girlies who threw me an amazing and intimate baby shower. We had wonderful food, played fun games, got a little sentimental; they showered me with gifts and love. It was so wonderful and I was so surprised! You can see some pics that they snapped below...I wish I would have put myself together a bit more :) We had such a wonderful evening, followed by a slumber party, an early rise time to partake in a 5k in Santa Cruz, and ended with an gorgeous brunch hosted by Cora's amazing parents. It was such a wonderful weekend. I am so lucky to have such fantastic friends, thank you all for everything!!

Lastly I just have to note that when I came back home after being away from Robert for several days Baby Gerrans went crazy for most of the day. I felt more movement from him in the afternoon Robert and I were together than I did the entire time I was away. I believe Baby Gerrans knows his voice and was excited to be around him again, do we have a daddy's girl in my belly??? 13 weeks more and we'll see :)

Hayley made this adorable collage from the surprise shower.

In addition to the organic onesies that they each gave, they picked out this wonderful chair. This will be so handy  for Baby Gerrans and it is shaped like a leaf, so cute!

Here we are before the 5k, there is a pink theme for this one. The belly is trying to hide under the numbers but you can see it is significantly larger than the 5k we did in February.

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