June 23, 2013

Past Due

Here we are 3 days over due. I have had some contractions but they are not in rhythm yet so more waiting is what we shall do. Our "due date" was Wednesday and we spent the day celebrating Father's Day, which consisted of sleeping in, sweatpants, coffee, burgers, doggy-time, and an action film. I managed to adorn some onesies during the film to keep myself from getting too antsy. Aren't they cute? I used fabric scraps, embroidery thread, and some buttons I had laying around to adorn some organic onesies I picked up for $4 each, what a bargain! 

Thanks Baby Gerrans for waiting until after Bobby & Kiren's wedding, but now you can come anytime!! Daddy got to be a groomsmen last night and he looked adorable in his tux (pic below). We unfortunately did not catch any photos of the two of us, but that is because we had such a great time eating spicy Indian food and partaking in some exciting Indian dancing. Loved it! Mom's feet were such a sight we nearly cried from laughing so hard once we got in the car. Have you seen Shallow Hal? Think of Gwyneth's feet in that movie, that is what mine looked like. We took a photo but its not making it to the blog today.

I have been eating spicy food, walking, eating pineapple, drinking raspberry leaf tea, rocking in the rocking chair, but still no baby. I am SOOOOO ready. Getting up, sitting down, standing, and sleeping are all difficult and my feet, oh my feet, are so swollen all the time. Sometimes I feel as if they will explode. I was hoping the full moon would pull baby out, but alas that has not worked so far, I guess I have a few more hours :) If baby does not arrive by Wednesday, I might drive to Walnut Creek for some "Prego Pizza" which is famous for inducing labor.

I am dilated 2.5 cm and 75% effaced and the doctor seemed pretty confident that we won't make it to our next appointment (Wednesday the 26th), but the anticipation is driving us all a little crazy. It is funny how you spend so much time prepping and planning for this moment and when it comes close there is little you can do other than wait. I can't think of anything else in life that is like this, I literally have no control and that is a bit bizarre. Every baby comes out so it is just a matter of time.....we'll keep you posted!!


A fish.

An apple.

A bunny.

A turtle with glasses?
Daddy-to-be in his tux before the wedding.

Here I am on the due date, looking exhausted, swollen, and so ready for Baby's arrival.

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