June 14, 2013

Week 39 - The Waiting Game

Still no baby, but boy and am I ready. I have been ultra grumpy and had one emotional breakdown over hunger this week, so I am sure Robert is really ready too. Last night I actually got some good sleep and am feeling cheerier than I have been so that is nice, but still ready none the less. I cannot imagine going on like this for 3 more weeks, but it may happen. In addition to the grumpy, sluggy, and the constant state of exhaustion that I am currently in my feet have swollen to replicate what I would assume hobbit feet would look like. Particularly the left as it is usually a half size larger than the right. Good thing it is summer and I can get away with wearing flip flops all the time as some days I cannot get into any other pair of shoes. My hands are still a bit swollen but not nearly as uncomfortable as they were. My Doctor says this is all a result of going over my recommended weight gain, so a note has been taken for the next pregnancy. Don't worry there are no pictures of my swollen feet, even though they look quite comical (ask my husband) I would not subject any of you to an unnecessary picture of swollen hobbit feet that have not been pampered for the last ten and a half months, yikes!

So I am experiencing mood swings, swollen extremities and a new appetite. It seems the swollen foot is actually hallow and I cannot seem to fill it. I feel as if I am always hungry, but I don't want anything. Well that is not entirely true I want simple carbs like pancakes, fettuccine Alfredo, and gelato, but I am supposed to avoid refined sugars and starchy carbs and stick to protein, fruits, and veggies. It seems that those things are really nothing that I want, maybe that is why I am so grumpy?? I did indulge in a pancake breakfast yesterday, which combined with a long nap lifted my mood by the afternoon. Maybe I need to make bad diet choices for my own piece of mind..........On Friends Monica makes cookies for the mother carrying their child and justifies it as saying that she wants the baby to "come out all cute and fat." I wouldn't mind a chunky baby, but I really don't want to deal with any preclampsia so I have to stay on track, as hard as it is I have to.

We are so ready over here. Everything that can be done for baby's arrival is done. Car seat installed, hospital bags packed and in the car, nursery set up, mobile is hung, got the rocking chair set, refreshed ourselves on the newborn care videos, finished up the reading on breastfeeding, sleep habits, and calming methods (well mom has), freezer is full, pantry is stocked, house is clean, diapers are washed, Dad could really use a break from work and Mom has been practicing her swaddling on Mike the Bear. My mom thinks that if we weren't so "ready" and were a bit more scrambled the baby would probably come, but since we aren't he/she will probably wait until July, thanks mom. Now it is just a waiting game, whenever baby is ready baby will come. It would be adorable if he (or she) came on Father's Day, wouldn't it?? Of course for selfish reasons I would like baby to come soon, but I know Baby Gerrans will come when he is meant to. We have a wedding next Friday, that Robert is a groomsmen in, and I really hope that baby allows his father to participate in it, for the groom and for Dad-to-be. So baby if you are reading this you can come either on your due date or wait until Saturday morning? ha fat chance.

Baby Gerrans is kicking in there like crazy, still haven't seen any body parts through the belly and probably won't. I am feeling this new feeling of bubbles inside me which is a bit peculiar. At first I thought it was my stomach but soon realized that my stomach is now up high under my ribs and these "bubbles" are happening all over the belly. They usually happen when Baby Gerrans is moving a lot, could he be blowing bubbles? Burping? or something worse?? Did any of you mothers out there experience this? I haven't seen any literature on it. Maybe I am imagining it in my delirium.

Sorry about the way the last two posts delivered, they were supposed to come separately but somehow came together I guess I am still getting the hang of this blogging thing. We'll be sure to let you know when our bundle arrives, please wish for a safe delivery for us.

Robert hung the mobile.

Here is a close up.

Poor Mike he has been the subject of my swaddling practice.

Here is the rocking chair that belonged to my Great Great Grandma Ethel Mae Grey. She rocked my Great Grandma Mae (the picture you saw last week), who rocked my Grandma Marilyn, who then rocked my Mom, who later rocked me in it. Baby Gerrans will be the fifth generation to be rocked in this chair. We got a new fluffy cushion made for it so it will be nice and comfy for Mom and Dad. Could use a foot stool and a little side table, but those aren't necessities.

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