June 5, 2013

"Pregnancy Updates"

Here is my first "pregnancy update" at 12 weeks. We started out calling Baby Gerrans  Baby Nugget. Ali came up with this nickname, she is always creative like that :)

Update on Baby Nugget

I am 12 weeks today! Feeling good, no morning sickness at all, but still very tired and lazy :)

Today Robert and I had another ultra sound where they measured all sorts of things to screen for things like down syndrome, etc. Still have to wait for the results of my last blood test but baby nugget is moving like crazy in there! About the size of a lime, legs are kicking, arms flailing, and at one point the legs were crossed and hands were behind the head - definitely Robert's child! We were cracking up as that is how Robert sleeps!

Tarah, just like your sister, my doctor put the fear of weight gain in my head. She stressed that because of my size and bone density I have to be so careful to not go over. She also took one look at me and told me to lay off the processed food, what!!? Amazing how they can tell what your diet is like just by looking at you, apparently everything is out there when you are pregos. So no more Hayley diet for me, no more crackers, I have to reduce the starchy carbs, she even said I should limit my intake of rice, wow. Who knew that mrs. farmers market would get a lecture about eating healthy :)

I had one serious episode that sent me to the hospital, but everything turned out to be alright. I have always gotten migraines if I eat too much junk food, like the one time I scarfed down an entire roll of necco candies or the other time when I ate an entire queso by myself, and I believe the onion dip on Thanksgiving may have sent me over the edge (I practically consumed the entire bowl). The day after Thanksgiving I did my normal routine woke up early had breakfast and started cleaning something when a migraine broke out. I tried my normal remedy - Robert gives me a massage and then I take a nap, but when I woke up it was worse and then an hour later the nausea kicked in. Imagine the worst hangover you have ever had, then put yourself on a sailboat on a very choppy day, and top it off with a migraine. That is where I was, for nine hours. They gave me some meds that didn't make the pain go away, but eventually curbed the nausea enough that I could go to sleep, two days later I was back to normal. 

One more bit of scary news, I am a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. Apparently 1 in 25 people are. It takes two parents as carriers to have a child with this disease, Robert got tested yesterday and we will find out his results in two weeks. If you could keep your fingers crossed, pray, jump backwards or do whatever you can for us we would really appreciate it. I am trying not to be nervous but can't help it. 

I've got a little bump, but I haven't actually gained weight which is weird. My clothes are snug and people are giving me that "is she pregnant or has she gained a lot of weight" look. I love to watch people at the market who see me weekly ponder over it, it is quite funny. 

Lastly pregnancy dreams are crazy. Last night we brought the new born baby home and it was telling me how to take care of it and it would only wear diapers from Africa that our Realtor had to bring us. Every night they are bizarre like this, again Erica I cannot wait for you to be pregnant yours will be book worthy :)

Here is another from week 14

Thanks for all of your positive thoughts...we are cystic fibrosis free, Robert is negative (apparently I am the only diseased one in this relationship), we are also in the clear for now with down syndrome and t-18, yay!

My bump is growing and so is my appetite! I have one entertaining story that is sure to make you laugh, which we can all use as the year comes to a close.

Pregnancy hunger is unlike any desire to eat you will ever have. Last week I am having lunch with a friend in SF at this new Japanese Ramen House. We had to wait in line to get a table and finally when we sat down we ordered immediately as we were both starving. Of course the food was taking FOREVER. I thought I was going to die, when you are pregnant you have to eat when your body tells you you are hungry there is no putting it off. If you let it go far enough you get incredibly nauseous and even farther well I don't know yet. So I am sitting there trying to be polite and engage in the conversation as I am drooling over all the plates of food flying by us. Finally the waitress brings us some hot tea, which I proceed to guzzle down like I am playing flip-cup hoping that it will temporarily satisfy me, which it does not. Just when I feel like I am going to scream I realize that my napkin is paper and that there is a stack of them at the end of the table. Kids ate paper in Junior High right?, if I nibble on the napkin it could hold me over until the food comes. But what will my friend think of me if I start eating my napkin, now I start to devise ways to get the napkin in my mouth without her noticing. (the thought that I am crazy to eat a napkin NEVER crosses my mind) I kid you not I am sitting there nodding my head pretending like I am listening to her and I am secretly tearing up my napkin into tiny pieces to be stuffed into my mouth when she looks away. Just as I am about to distract her with the table next to us, the waitress comes with our appetizer, THANK GOD!!! 
Now this story is funny to me, but at the time eating the napkin felt like a great idea. Oh baby nugget why must you be so impatient!


The last update before I started the blog - Week 20

This is a long and somewhat sad email so brace yourselves.

Well we are 20 weeks over here, half way through, can you believe it? I feel like I am growing everyday! Today I tried to squeeze my way into a small parking space and then realized I was too big to fit out the door, ha! Baby nugget is as long as a banana now but a little thicker. Speaking of bananas they have been on the cravings list which was so awkward because I haven't purchased them in over 3 years! But what baby wants baby gets. I have noticed that the cravings have changed quite a bit, it went from wow that sounds amazing right now - sushi, latkes, cottage cheese, popsicle, and grapefruit - to my first omg I have to have that right now - which was steak. 

On our last ultrasound we got to see hands, feet, facial expressions, and even a yawn. We could find out what baby is but we are still sticking to not knowing, though Robert is having a harder time waiting than I am. Apparently we aren't that unique. Our technician who just moved here from Chicago says that no one in California wants to know, but in the eight years she was in IL only two couples didn't want to know the sex, interesting.

The second trimester is much better than the first, energy is up, much more comfortable, but my skin gets dryer and itchier by the minute, hopefully its the weather but it tends to be more on my belly than anywhere else so I have a feeling its not. Cora you asked me about my new organic method for dry skin and at the time I hadn't found anything well I have and I am loving it, straight Argan Oil. If I could afford it I would drown my whole body in this stuff :)

I don't know if it is nesting or if it is due to all the non-creative tasks I have been given at work, but I am obsessed with my house right now. While I was bed-ridden from a nasty cold I managed to draft up a total house remodel. I am driving Robert crazy because apparently it is all I can talk about. The nursery is driving me mad, do you ever envision the perfect outfit for a special occasion and then find that it does not exist or if it does they either don't have your size or its so expensive you'd have to sell your soul to get it? Well that is how I am feeling about the nursery, what I want does not seem to exist in the fabric department and it is making me crazy, so crazy angry that I took it out on the closet and tore the whole thing out, patched painted and ordered a new closet system. Do you think it would be really distracting to paint stripes/chevron/ikat etc inside a closet? with clothes shoes etc does that become more than the eye can handle?

Well on yet another note we have gotten a new baby before our real baby. Robert after nine months (no joke) got his Police K-9 dog two weeks ago. I have been super nervous about this whole thing and it started out really smooth. He got a female instead of a male, she is about the size of Annie, a little skinnier. Her name is Jesse. She is dark in color and looks a little wild. When I first met her she was sweet as pie I couldn't believe she was going to be trained to bite people. She immediately took a liking to me which made me feel much better about the whole situation. However this Saturday after an afternoon of bar hopping in the city (yes this pregnant lady bar hops), she decided that she was going to kill Ralphie. I am in the bathroom taking off layers of eye make up when I hear Robert screaming my name for bloody murder and things in German which I did not understand. I come running down the hall thinking he was hurt only to find him on the front porch wrestling Jesse who had Ralphie hanging from her jaws, he was limp. OMG I cannot describe to you the horror I felt. Robert had wedged his hands in her mouth to see if he could pull her off but a dog like that has a lock jar like you would not believe. I tried to get my hands in there too but there was no way it was happening. The whole time we are both screaming him in german, me "let go of him" and I am scrambling. I kicked her, I punched her, poked at her eyes. Nothing. All three of them were wedged under our cute little bench. My mother always talked about how to deal with dog fights, being attacked by animals etc.(such a pioneer woman), and in that moment those random lessons came to mind. She always suggested spraying fighting dogs with a hose and when all else fails go for the ribs. The hose was all the way around the corner and I just knew I didn't have time to get to it, so I grabbed the dog bowl of water and threw it on her face. She jerked and threw herself, ralphie and Robert out from underneath the bench but she didn't let go. I grabbed a japanese weeder (small shovel with sharp blade on one side) which I lazily had not put away from day before (thank god) and swung with all my might in her ribs preparing myself for her to turn on me. It took about four wacks and then she let go of him. He dropped totally limp in a puddle of water as Robert grabbed her to lock her up. Ralphie didn't move and like a victim's mother on SVU I screamed hysterically over and over "don't let go" and started rubbing his belly. He went into a seizure, I picked him to put him right side up so he wouldn't choke on his throw up if he did, and then he snapped out of it. I clutched him in my arms barefoot and bloody as I jumped into Robert's truck and he drove in what they call "code 3" to the pet emergency; both of us crying, Robert with blood gushing from his hands and begging Ralphie not to let go. The vets were amazing, he is a tough little dog, and if it weren't for Robert's large man hands getting in between her jaw and his neck he would have died. I looked like I was in a thrasher movie - blood and dirt splattered all over my white shirt, pajama pants, no shoes, and half of my eye makeup removed. I can't laugh about the incident but I can chuckle about the way I must have looked to all the people in the vet office. Robert had to go to the emergency room as he has major wounds to his hands, but they don't stitch dog bites for a fear of infection, so he has to wait for them heal. Now I am nursing Ralphie back to health, he's got a few stitches and is very sleepy from the pain meds but other than that seems fine. I am still shooken up by the whole ordeal. Jesse is not a dog she is an animal. She has not gone through all of her training and this incident, as Robert will tell you, was his fault. She has a major problem with food aggression and he let Ralphie out when she was eating. An honest mistake, but I am just so glad he is alive.

You are probably wondering why I am sharing this story with you in my latest pregnancy update. You are my nearest and dearest and I need you to know that on the drive home from the vet I realized that I have married the right man.That no matter what the world dishes to us he is the one for me. I can't tell you exactly why but its true. Crazy I know. When Baby Nugget is 16 and driving Robert and I so crazy that we are on the brink of divorce I need you to remind me of this incident, remind me of what I felt on that porch, in the car, in that moment. Its funny how true fear can make you so much more aware of what you really feel.

Baby Nugget handled the whole thing effortlessly, no shocking pains like I get when I carry the laundry basket, no nausea, no kicking. Not until the ride home; just to let me know he is okay. 

Thanks for being here for me to vent to, this isn't one I could keep in.

You can see that through these 9 1/2 months of being pregnant I have learned a great deal about myself. This has definitely been one of the best adventures of my life so far,  I can only imagine that parenthood will be such a treat for both Robert and I.


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